Trading Haute Fréquence — Web & visualisation — High-Frequency Trading, is high speed trading executed by digital algorithms.
HFT uses more and more financial data that has become inaccessible to human analysis and understanding. The outcome of my research
was to find a device that shows and helps us to understand the speed that at present defies our imagination. The first object
uses to comparative systems, where one pixel colorized into the screen is equal to one financial quotation. Pixel colorization traanslates
the speed of HFT. The second object calculates the number of quotations passed in one clic. Test with: Pixel and time / Time of click
Vitesse — Édition — This corpus gathers all the documentation about speed phenomenons. The first part is about
the effect on bodies, the second part is about Aerodynamics of forms and last part is about new speed conception.
Illustrations made in collaboration with my friend Louis Brousseaud.
Race — Visualisation — visualization of speed pace of one loop. Each vertical line translates 10 km/h speed variation
depending on the cars position in this loop.
Fluide — Experimentation — Experiment using water as reflexion about dynamic typography on screens.
In collaboration with my friend Benoit Canaud
Pooping without gravity — Édition — This issue gathers a documentation of archives explaining
the methods and stakes represented by the act of peeing and defecating in the absence of gravity.
Users guide patches — Édition — Reflexion on the methods of transmission of information
in micro-gravity. The sticker is the principal element the most used for practical reasons.
Aux armes citoyens of Louis Calaferte — Poster — A structure which shows a contrast between a rigid layout
and an absurd dialogues. In collaboration with my friend Benoit Canaud
Surf !n tahiti — Édition — Wave catalogue, to know where to surf, according to the weather
conditions and the particularities of the spot. The graphic choices are in echo to the scientific
classification domain.
The curve of things — Poster — Reflexion on how to share a scientific text using complex
mathematical formulas, such as this text on genral relativity by Albert Einstein.
Curvature of spacetime — Visualisation — Mediatisation of the experience that allows to visualize
the effets of general relativity of a celestial corps.
Valentina specimen — Typography — Valentina is a typeface inspired by the story of Valentina Terechkova
first woman astronaut to enter space. The character is condensed,
in which the horizontal lines are widened to create an insisting effect close to russian propaganda posters.
Surfing in waikiki — Cyanotype — Re-editing of the mythic text of Jack London « the royal sport »
made with cyanotype process. With photos by Will Alder.
Photography — Photos of my trips to China and NYC
Endless reading — Experimentation — Mobius & poster